>Dress Up Your Candles the French Way


All you need are candles, scissors, stop fraying, white cotton fabric, rubber stamp and stamp pad. ‘Rhinestone crystals if you want to glitz it up.’

Stamp out your design on the white cotton fabric. Let it dry for a few hours or overnight. I then turned over the fabric and brushed on the stop fraying. When it dried I simply cut out the fleur de lis design. The fleur de lis simply stuck to the candles because I used the stop fraying earlier. I then glued on the rhinestone crystals.

These are flamless candles.

My fireplace mantel at Christmas.

Here are the rhinestone crystals and Aleene’s Stop Fraying.

Rhinestone crystals really sparkle and glitz up the candles.


Here I decorated a white candle.
These candles make great gifts.

4 thoughts on “>Dress Up Your Candles the French Way

  1. >Mary,I'd love to try the tissue paper candles. I just need to buy a heat gun. There are so many beautiful tissue papers on the market. I could be hooked making them.I'm glad you liked the stamp candle and directions.Dee

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