Wood frames come in many shapes and sizes.
This one caught my eye and I knew I had to have it.

I lightly sanded the frame. I then painted the whole frame black.
Here I used a petite like me FDL stencil. I stenciled all four sides to really glitz it up with gold paint.
Now for the fun part of the project.
I used a wallpaper border I had in my stash and that’s it!
So EASY and quick!

*Rethink using wallpaper or wallpaper borders in different ways.
Or left over fabric.

17 thoughts on “>Wallpaper

  1. Hi Dee! Thanks for visiting me. I love your frame makeover! I noticed the last time I went treasure hunting at Goodwill, they had packages of wallpaper borders. Never occurred to me that I should check them out! Thanks for sharing such a creative idea!

  2. I did that in my kitchen so it would match my trim! I tell you girlfriend, we think alike! Yours is GORGEOUS!!! I've got something special on my Whimsical Musings blog about an upcoming book if you want to see it…xo CinP.S. It sounds so awful back there and I just pray that your friend is getting better.

  3. Hi, DeeLove this new wall hanging your created. Hope you are doing well after that blasted of snow. By the way,I have pass a blog award on to you. Stop by my blog and copy and paste! Have a great week. Vanessa

  4. Totally awesome Dee!!I wrote about how brave you were having no power for so long!! i told everyone that I would have been mental!!!I love this idea, it is such an easy idea, but I would never have thought of it!! You are a genius!xxDaniella

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