>Living Room – Fireplace Mantel and Wood Radiator Covers


Living in an older home has brought us much joy.

Back 100 years ago things were done by eye. We are always amazed at how nothing is level when we use a ruler. We have learned to hang pictures by eye. Rulers are only guides in our home.

When we decided to update our living room our first thought was to change out the mantel and radiator covers.

Before: Not much of a mantel and the stones around the fireplace seemed kind of strange looking.
My husband cut a piece of plywood and nailed it to the paneling. We loved how much better the fireplace already looked.
The wood boards in the fireplace are from my son.

We updated to a gas fireplace. It’s so lovely at night and we are now spending more time in our living room.

Now back to the mantel. It had to go. It just seemed to be so small in size. We wanted the room to look more formal.

Here’s a side view of the fireplace stones. In between the stones were crumbled plaster that had been painted.

I know it looks really bad. Nothing at all fancy about the fireplace now. Do you see why we needed to update it?

We are blessed to have gorgeous peg and grove hardwood plank floors. 
We went with real mahogany wood for the mantel. It took some time getting the stain as dark as we wanted. Here the mantel finally going in. 

I love the difference the new mantel makes. I think it’s so much prettier than before.

The new mantel has really warmed up the room.

Even the radiators look so much better with their new wood covers.

What updates have you done in your living room?

25 thoughts on “>Living Room – Fireplace Mantel and Wood Radiator Covers

  1. Wow, Dee. What a huge transformation! You did a great job keeping the new fireplace surround and mantle in keeping with the character of your home. It looks just wonderful!

  2. That is gorgeous! It looks so rich, I love the radiator cover too. I know what you mean about the old houses not being level, what's with that, I guess I never thought that they did not have levels? or rulers?PS your little Dee angel is cute!Carol

  3. Your mantle makeover is fabulous… We're in the process of renovating an old Victorian and we too are having fun with the mantles…( Ha Ha)..I removed a 125 year old mantle with a 250 year old one from an old Virginian plantation ( ha Ha) figure that one out… The nice thing about old homes is that they smile when dress them up…Thanks for sharing .. Hugs

  4. Hi Dee, Just wanted to let you know that I am awarding you the Versatile Blogger award…love your blog, Lorihttp://www.bleak2unique.com/2012/01/versatile-blogger.html

  5. Looks good, nice rich color on the wood. What updates have I don't to my living room? I put away the Christmas ornaments. Mr. Bliss tore out a built in entertainment center that housed the big 'ol dino of a TV and hung a flat screen. And now it waits……~Bliss~

  6. Dearest Dee,Wow, hats off to both of you. Such a difference with both the mantel and the radiator cover! That did pay off. One wonders who got the idea for mutilating a room in such a way as you bought it? No sense for design and for looks.But you managed it very well.We did add our solid oak floor planks in 2007 and last year a Minka Aire Chantal Fortepierre Energy Star ceiling fan was added… Just in time for our HOT summer. Did post about Our Living Room on November 8, 2011. It is below my posts in my Blog Archive.We're still happy with all of it! Hard work pays off.Hope you soon will finish your jobs.Love to you,Mariette

  7. The new mantel and dark color looks rich and elegant, very pretty. Well, I have new drapes, removed furniture, rearranged what remained, new afghans and side tables- hope to repaint the walls and trim once the weather turns to Spring- which could arrive in May around here!

  8. Lovely fireplace but it really pops with the new rich mantle. It makes all the difference, even though we love old houses sometimes some items just new an updated face lift. I know you are enjoying the room with your new painted walls. Coming over from Ivy and Elephant, Drop by for a visit, I am your newest follower, Kathy

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