>Duck*Duck*Goose – Your It! Making Memories……..


Have you ever had a duck swim in YOUR bathtub?
Would you want one to?
How could I say no to this face?
Are they not adorable looking?

Did you notice now there are four ducklings! How did that happen? lol

“Mom say’s the ducklings have to go outside.”  But where? 
How about using my old baby pool.
Let’s go get some rocks.
Do you think we have enough stones?
“Let’s all help Dad.”
The Little Tikes house is now the duck house. My husband put metal screens on the windows and door.
You would think we live in the country.
Are they not the sweetest ducklings you have ever seen.
This was just the start to our animal petting backyard / ZOO. 
More to follow.
I’m linking with:
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2 thoughts on “>Duck*Duck*Goose – Your It! Making Memories……..

  1. >Oh how cute! My hubby would love this, he loves ducks. I actually had a duck live in the bathtub till I gave it away, pooped too much, lol…Christine

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