>If You’re a Wee Bit Irish and Even if Your Not


 You probably know someone who is so party on! Wear your best green outfit and have a pint of Guinness on me. You might even be attending the parade in New York City. The parade begins around 11 a.m. The clan is marching up 44th St. and 5th Avenue all the way to 86th Street.


Just in case you wanted to know.
Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Four-leaf clovers bring good luck. Have you ever found one?
I hope so.

4 thoughts on “>If You’re a Wee Bit Irish and Even if Your Not

  1. >I'm sorry I didn't get to the parade it was such a glorious day, that doesn't happen too often in NYC on March 17! Happy Belated St. Patty's Day!

  2. >Hi Dee,I'm your newest follower. I came by way of Mary's blog. Please feel free to visit me anytime!I tried to grab your button but had trouble keeping the blue highlighted. I went ahead an copied the button and will add your blog addy to it and put it on my side bar. Deanna :D

  3. >Mary,It was such a glorious day. The Saint Patrick’s Day parade started back in 1762. It's now the oldest and biggest parade in history. Maybe one day we could go together.Thanks for linking my blog. You’re the sweetest.Dee

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