>Jewelry Pins Also Used as Candle Pins


Have you ever looked at hair barrettes and thought how they would make great looking jewelry pins.
I purchased the jewelry pins / Findings Jewelry Essentials from Michaels Craft Store.

To get glamour ‘BLING’ ………….. sometimes you need to use power tools.

 This bad boy was used to grind down the metal backs on the hair barrettes. It’s a rotary tool for grinding metal plastic and wood. It’s a Dremel tool.
 I used 5 minute high strength epoxy by DEVCON.

Barrettes turned into jewelry pins.

Here is one jewelry pin on my new pillow.

Three pins look twice as nice.

 jewelry candle pin

Change out your old jewelry and make them all pins.

My friend is making me a burlap runner. I’m so excited that she offered her talent to make me one. I will use two jewelry pins on it when it arrives. The burlap runner will match the burlap pillows I made. Can you tell I’m excited!


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11 thoughts on “>Jewelry Pins Also Used as Candle Pins

  1. >That looks like a great idea. I never knew Michael's sold those things. I need to look around more. I have some of my mothers and grandmothers jewelry but the pin clasps no longer close. I could do this and wear them on my clothes again too. Thanks sweetie.

  2. >Hi Jersey girl. I really like what you have to say about Jersey — hair and all, smokey eyes. Your find here is quite unique. I have lots of this kind of jewelry — already with the backs that way cause they are pins, you know what kind I'm talking about, don't you. Anyway, I'm gonna copy-cat. Terri http://www.morningdewdrops.typepad.com

  3. >Terri, Jersey is a fun state! 'We are known for our wacky ways.' lol I've been changing over my grandmother's jewelry for quite some time. Have fun ……… I like copy-cats! Dee

  4. >Dee your pin solution was perfect. Your pillows came out beautiful and to think you made them all by hand. I guess that friend of yours needs to get busy and finish that burlap runner so your sunroom will be done. rj

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