>English Tudor – Built Around 1903


It’s been a long work in progress as we continue to update our home. We installed a wood fence when we first moved in. We have been slowly landscaping the front and back gardens. 

 All new landscaping and rock wall around the steps.

Beautiful landscape beds. 

The trees and bushes were so overgrown. You could barely see the lower half of our home.
No one even knew we had a sunroom.

These picture are after I had the bushes trimmed. They were up to the second story. We did not even need curtains or blinds. Sunlight what was that? Our home felt more like a cave once inside.

We decided the bushes had to be replaced. 
The men worked for two days straight. They worked so hard they took breaks resting on the lawn.
Look at them go! I was their best cheerleader!
Here is one of those siesta breaks. lol
They used landscaping drainage pipes.
Do you think they really needed to sleep on my front lawn. My neighbors watched and gazed directly at them.
 My son asked me if they were breathing.  
They were fine …….. just fine. 
It’s been a few years now and I still thank the day we did it. 

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22 thoughts on “>English Tudor – Built Around 1903

  1. >You know Dee I've never seen some of these angles of your home. It's even lovelier than I realized. Too funny about the guys taking naps on your front lawn. Though I can't say that I blame them for as hard as they worked, it does seem odd they didn't snooze in their truck or at least in the side yard. It made for great photo op, that's for sure!

  2. >Dee I'm so glad you showed everyone your beautiful home. That is too cute that they took a nap right on your front lawn. Their work was excellent though as your yard looks fabulous. rj

  3. >I've had over 200 page views on just my landscaping post today. I‘m thrilled to see how many also love older homes. Thanks so much for coming by. I'd love to hear from you.The landscapers were so funny sleeping on the job. I thought you would get a kick out of it.Dee

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