>French Chicken Wire Frame


I made the frame for a good friend of mine. RJ loves all things French. 
She wanted me to show you all how I made it.

I used a wood frame that I spray painted silver. I also painted the chicken wire with the same silver paint. I then watered down black paint to give the painted wood an aged look. Next I cut two thick pieces of cardboard and covered them with the green check fabric. I attached another piece of cardboard to the back and glued them together. The reason was so push pins could also be used on the frame.
I used antique green ribbon from a collection I have. The pearl buttons are from my husband’s top draw. I just wired them on.

I painted and sanded the clothes pins for the frame. I gave them a coat of Minwax Polycrylic to give them a nice sheen.

Here I’m trying out magnets that I got at the Container Store. The magnets work on the chicken wire and the clothes pins. I love that!

Just showing how pretty the frame looks adding some business cards.

I also made RJ some push pins that I spray painted silver and green.
I made the candle from a shot glass that already had the crown on it.

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