>Picket Fence


This is how my husband and I made the picket fence. I stained the wood while he cut and nailed it up.

First we laid out the curves using a plastic hose. Next we hammered in pressure treated posts about every four feet. Then we nailed a 2-inch pine strip along the bottom.

Next we nailed another pine strip along the top of the posts.

To finish it off, we nailed 2-inch wood wide slots vertically with a 1-inch space in-between.
I trimmed the bushes and the trees.
It seems like the ducks like their home.
The little tikes house is where the ducks go for the night.
The ducks enjoy the waterfall. I love seeing them from my kitchen window.
Our ducks make great pets!

Here is how we built the pond.



One thought on “>Picket Fence

  1. >I'd never have thought to curve a picket fence, its lovely! We used to have pet ducks, they're so much fun, esp when they play in the water. Visiting you from French Country Cottage's linky party.

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