>’Friends Make Friends’


I love followers! You have made this blog possible. I could not do it without you. Thanks!

Could you do me a favor and go to Debbiedoo’s blog it’s on my sidebar. She is having a giveaway for chalk paint. It ends today May 10. Please leave a comment on her blog to win the chalk paint. Debbie has been so nice helping new bloggers get followers.
If you’re new to blogging she also has a link party every week for other bloggers to get to know you. It’s wonderful and so is Debbie!

Thanks so much,


2 thoughts on “>’Friends Make Friends’

  1. >I went to Debbie's blog and left a comment, but I forgot to tell you in my reply to your PM that I'd love to Skype with you! I'll have to give you my Skype name, but have to ask my hubby since it's not on my skype page and he has his computer with him today.

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