>Pressed *Flowers*


Have you ever pressed flowers or leaves?
All you need for this project is a glass frame, watercolor paper, fresh flowers, leaves, tweezers, toothpick, a large phonebook and glue. 
TIP: When picking flowers and leaves do it in the afternoon. You want them dry with no morning dew.

Pick the flowers and leaves of your choice and place them in a large phonebook. Make sure to lay them out on different pages so they look pretty. Now close the book and forget about them.  After a week the flowers and leaves will be dry. They are brittle so be careful with them. Use your tweezers to pick them up and place them on the watercolor paper. When you like how you displayed them use a tooth pick to apply small drops of glue to the backs of your flowers. Make sure your using your tweezers to pick the flowers up while applying the glue. Let the flowers dry overnight. Now add your glass frame and you’re done.
The flowers will stay vibrant for a couple of years. Just keep away from direct sunlight.
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