>Outdoor Pots ☼ How To


How to keep your potted plants from drying out between watering. 
Here is a sneak peek of our patio my husband and I built.

The pretty green pots are from Lowe’s.
 They are made from some kind of plastic resin. My husband drilled two holes in the back of each pot.

He then filled the pots with pebbles for good drainage.
TIP*Leave the rubber plug in the bottom of the pot.

Don’t forget to add peat moss. You will thank me when you have less watering to do.

 Add a good potting mix and your good to go.

The pretty green pots are going in my driveway. Who said driveways have to be boring. I’m working on designing a trellis for them.

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  1. I've featured you today at the Garden Party! Come on over and grab your Best in Show button! :) Have a great week. Hope you had a fun Independence day. Bethhttp://unskinnyboppy.blogspot.com/2011/07/my-sweet-friend-tracie-at-fishtail.html

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