>How To Add My Button To Your Blog【ツ】


Easy instructions for adding my button to your blog:

1) First right click on the button you want and click “Save As” to save it onto your computer. (Remember where you put it, you will need this later)
2) Next when you are on your blog’s main page click “Customize” in the upper right hand corner. (This will take you to the “Layout” page.)
3) You should see the words “Add and Arrange Elements” in bold. Simply look for “Add A Gadget” (in blue letters) and click on it.
4) Next Scroll down until you see “Picture” (it has a green tree next to it) and click on it.
5) Click the “Browse” button and go to the folder where you saved the image and select it.
6)  In the link box add my address. 
7) un-click the “Shrink to fit” box then hit the “Save” button
8)  You have now added my button to your blog!!!

Dee 【ツ】

I learned how to do this from Karen @

2 thoughts on “>How To Add My Button To Your Blog【ツ】

  1. >I'm actually going to give this a try. YOu know how you have trouble sewing…..well, guess what. I'm horrible at all of this technical stuff. I'm afraid that I will ruin my entire blog if I try this…but I'm going to give it a shot. Marianne :)

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