Fleur De Lis Cork Bulletin Board

How to:


1) cork board, 2) fabrics, 3) glue, 4) push pins, 5) primer, 6) spray paint, 7) scissors, 

8) rubber stamp, 9) stamp pad, 10) wire,  
11) glass beads, 12) bugle beads and 
13) round nosed pliers.

 Glue your fabric to the cork board.

Make sure it’s dry before moving on to the next step.

Glue down your gold wire ribbon to the cork board.

Prime and spray paint your push pins gold.

 Now add the push pins to the front. Stamp out the fleur de lis design on white cotton fabric. Cut out your fleur de lis designs and then spray paint them gold. For extra bling use glass beads, bugle beads and gold wire.

 Here is the supplies I used.

Use Sobo or Elmers glue to attach the fleur de lis design and the beads to your bulletin board.

Instead of hanging the bulletin board I placed it on a cookbook stand.

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14 thoughts on “Fleur De Lis Cork Bulletin Board

  1. This is an excellent tutorial, Dee! I love the gold ribbon and the fleur de lis details. I have always intended to make a fabric covered cork board. My daughter is in love with all things French, so you have given me a great idea! Merci!

  2. Wow, I love the bulletin board. Your tutorial makes it look easy. Love the Love the fabric you choose and I always love the fleur de lis for any reason.Happy Fourth~EmilyThe French Hutch

  3. Fabulous tutorial on making a bulletin board Dee. Each and every one of your bulletin boards are so pretty and so unique. You did another fabulous job. I know the girls are so happy to hear how you make these. rj

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