Bathroom – Little Girls Storybook Charm!

This adorable bathroom was all hand painted.  The attention to detail……. 
was outstanding!

 A real storybook room where the child gets to be the princess.

 The hand painted walls were stunning!

 I loved the window treatment.
Even the door was all hand painted!

 Don’t you love the fabric draped on the mirror!
The pedestal sink with polka dot skirt looked amazing.

Cute idea to use a watering can as decoration. 

These pictures are from the showhouse tour.

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16 thoughts on “Bathroom – Little Girls Storybook Charm!

  1. I was thinking what a great use of PINK Tile! Most of the time you see this tile and people are tearing it out cause it's dated…what a waste. I love this little girls bathroom, and that door with the key hole painted on there… gorgeous.

  2. I just loved this bathroom – I don't know whether it is to be used as a bathroom or a bedroom, it is so cosy, amazingly beautiful, as you said all details are made to the perfect!!!! Thanks for sharing this beauty with us!!!!Blessings,Nádya

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