Whimsical Collage Tag

My friend Cindy made me a beautiful whimsical collage tag. Does she know it’s my birthday next month? ……… No she doesn’t. The gift was made out of friendship. You know the kind of gift that stops you in your tracks. The kind that is heartfelt. 

 ­CindyAdkins Whimsical Musings

Here is the beautiful and wonderful gift I received today!
 This picture Cindy took. It has everything I adore on it!!! Cindy is very talented and so creative! I admire her work and love visiting her as often as I can.

Cindy also sent me this cute card with a sweet note inside. 
Sorry about the glare. It’s very overcast today.
I used my flash.
I absolutely love it!  It’s gorgeous!!!

Thanks Cindy! xoxo

 Go visit Cindy and see the other whimsical collage tags she made. You will love them.


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23 thoughts on “Whimsical Collage Tag

  1. Hi Dee,When I saw your beautiful family room makeover, I just knew I had to make you something as a surprise!! And I LOVE it in the cloche–you are SO clever, my friend.XOCindy

  2. I adore collages! You have such a sweet friend :) and happy early birthday to you too! thank you for dropping in to my humble blog and taking the time to leave a thoughtful comment. xo Diane

  3. Hi Dee!!Not only did I show you off, but I knew Cindy sent you that collage before I knew about you sending me my AWESOME prizes!!!So, my post today talks in a circle! I won the sack, but you sent me other things just because, and Cindy sent me something just because, and she sent YOU something!!! I guess it is true what they say! What comes around goes around!!!!YOU are AWESOME!!Thank you again!!xxDaniella

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