Cloches – Many Different Ways

Metal cloche with flowers from my garden.

Also a butterfly and a little bird.

Chalkboard paint, burlap and terra cotta pots.

Extra ‘LARGE’ clochereal grass

Cloche garden theme with chalkboard – Grow Tag

Cloche – Real quail eggs and nest with weeping cherry tree blossoms.

Metal cloche – styrofoam eggs covered in tissue paper 
and glitter.

More quail eggs. 

Cloche filled with Joy for the first day of Spring!

Annabelle from my garden.

Cloche and feathers.

Cloche filled with memories!

Seashells from our travels.

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54 thoughts on “Cloches – Many Different Ways

  1. These are all so lovely! I especially love the metal cloche with the bird and butterfly and the cone flowers from your garden! And the large one with the grass and burlap. Thanks for sharing – I really enjoyed seeing these!

  2. I might be wrong but I think you like,,, CLOCHES !! ha ha,, boy you have the most beautiful displays, I think my fav is the one with the ribbon and eggs,, beautiful,,

  3. Ok, now I am sad!! I wish I knew there was a cloche party!!!I only have one.*sigh*, and your cloches are AWESOME!!!!You have so many and such variety!! They are fabulous! I love them all!!and you decorate them so lovely tooo!xxDaniella

  4. Hi Dee! Wow… I love the quail cloche… LOVE IT! The first cloche with all the flowers is just gorgeous. The chalkboard flower pots are great. I love the vignette with the key and the feathers… I've saved so many photos to my idea file. I'm your newest follower. Have a nice week.Karen

  5. You have so many great ideas, my head is swirling with them :)I've always had such a hard time coming up with what to display in my cloches, but you certainly do not.I think my favourite is the one with the memories.

  6. Hi Dee, These are all so beautiful, you've done a wonderful job decorating all of them. I just love the metal cloches with the flowers from your garden. That large cloche is amazing…where did you find it?Marianne :)

  7. Creative you are! Love all the varied uses with your cloches. The first one is gorgeous with the coneflowers and butterfly! How wonderful!Nancy

  8. yay! today i could actually load the whole page and the comments are working! love all these, my very much favorites are the one with the chalk painted vases and the one with all the sea shells!! question: where do you buy these big ones? (and possibly cheap?? ;) )

  9. Your cloche vignettea are absolutely lovely!I hope that you will stop by and enter my giveaway. Also, I have begun a new meme entitled Wayfaring Wednesdays. Link up your trips and favorite excursions.

  10. Hi Dee. Your cloches are de lovely and visiting all the cloche posts have made me fall in love with wire cloches for outside… I need to find one after today, seeing all the gorgeous ensables like

  11. Dee I absolutely love each and every one of your cloches. They are all so interesting and so pretty. You have a great knack for displaying under glass. rj

  12. Hello Dee,You have such wonderful cloches! I love the birdie one with the grow tag in it and I really like the one above with the ribboned stand inside the cloche and the sweet little pots with Fleur de lis on them! Adorable; all of them! Thanks for sharing and stopping by to peek at mine.Blessings,Sandi

  13. 1, 2, 3, 4!!! ahhh… can't count and decide which is best coz what I can see is that each of your collections have their own character and I loving them all…DOn't forget to join Marty's and my giveaways.Happy TTT./chie

  14. What creative cloche displays. I love every one of them. You have found prettier shells in your travels than I have found. The Quail eggs are wonderful, and I love the way you wove ribbon around that wire cloche. Your chalkboard flower pots are so clever. I'm so glad I came to visit your blog. laurie

  15. I love everyone of your cloches! The wire one is lovely with the Summer flowers! The quail eggs are amazing! Thank you for sharing such great ideas!

  16. Hi Dee, All of your cloches are so original and pretty. I must say I absolutely love the one with the nest and quail eggs. I see now I need to go shopping for more cloches…or is cloche plural? I really like the wire one with the cone flowers in it. Thanks for stopping by with such sweet comments.Hugs,Babs

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