I Will Guest Post Today At: Crafty Scrappy Happy

  I am honored and delighted to have the opportunity to be a guest at Jaime’s Crafty Scrappy Happy!!! 


Come on over and check out my craft idea! 
 It will knock blow your socks off!!!

15 thoughts on “I Will Guest Post Today At: Crafty Scrappy Happy

  1. Dee your transfer idea is awesome. And your pillows all looked fabulous! I see you are learning how to use your sewing machine too. Way to go girlfriend. Do you have to have a laser printer to do this? I really, really love how pretty these transfers are turning out. And your guest spot was terrific too. I'm so proud of you. rj

  2. What an awesome idea!! I love blogging because you get to meet so many amazing and talented people! I have been wanting to make a French pillow. I don't have a laser printer, but I'm going to figure something out!You go girl!

  3. If you don't have a laser printer you can take your picture to a place like Staples. They will print your picture on a laser copier for you. The can also make the picture bigger if you want.Have fun with your projects,Dee

  4. Dee how much does it usually cost to have them copy your print at Staples? I'm wondering if you wanted to do alot of them if it would make more sense to buy an inexpensive laser printer. Of course if it's very little I will be spending lots of time in Staples in the near future. LOL! Thanks again for such a super idea. rj

  5. Hi Dee,Congrats on being a guest at Jaime's Crafty Scrappy Happy! I just love your French themed projects. I just wish I could sew :-( Thanks for stopping by to visit me. Have a wonderful day!

  6. Hi Dee, I am loving your blog and your gorgeous transfers. how brilliant they areAlso just to mention there are two vintage freebie images on Dezinaworld blog today for 'fun friday' pop by and grab them if you want them and feel free to join in the fun. have a lovely weekendhugs June xxxxx

  7. Thanks for all the images you posted & your detailed instructions on how to do the pillows is really great. I will have to keep this on my "To Do" list of ideas. Congratulations on your guest post over at Jaime's Crafty Scrappy.

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