Woodworkers Transfer Tool Will Transfer Onto Fabric

French Pillows
This will blow your mind. No more messy oils or trying to put your fabric in your printer using spray adhesive.  You can now make fast and easy projects with a woodworkers transfer tool. *Make Pillows, Tags, Cards, Memo Boards, Ribbons, Shirts, Clothes, Team Logos, Drapes, Gifts, etc! You can also use it on wood. 
Added bonus your fabric can be washed!Please use cotton fabric!

   I’m taking a peek to see how the toner transferred.
Supplies: laser printer, printer paper, cotton fabric, wood cutting board and a woodworkers transfer tool.
Pick out a picture you would like to use say from The Graphics Fairy. Now print it out on printer paper using your laser printer. Now take the picture that you have just printed off from your laser printer and put it face down on your fabric. Plug in your woodworkers transfer tool and let it heat up. Using a circular motion press the woodworkers transfer tool onto the paper firmly. You can pull up a corner of the paper to see how you like the image so far. If you want the picture to be even darker go over it again. The nice thing about this project is once you place the woodworkers transfer tool onto the paper it will adhere to the fabric. Let’s say your working on a large project you can finish it the next day. The paper will stay where you placed it on the fabric. It’s ready when your ready!!! Another bonus is it will not smear.
My husband’s wanted to see how easy it was to transfer the toner to the paper. He was amazed!
The woodworkers transfer tool works so good you won’t believe your eyes!

(The paper is on the left and the fabric transfer is on the right)

For this project I decided to make pillows. 

You can print out your picture in color or black and white. Just make sure your using cotton fabric. 

You can do this project on colored fabric too.

The woodworkers tool is so easy to use.

Here I added burlap and I also used black coffee to give the light fabric an aged look.

*You need to make the picture a mirror image for letters
and numbers. Like this.

Now flip the printed image over on your fabric facing down. 
 In a circular motion press the woodworkers transfer tool onto the paper firmly. Your image will appear. It’s that easy!!!! It also becomes permanent! I recommend using a wood cutting board to work on.

Here’s a finished pillow.

I enjoyed finding pictures from The Graphic Fairy Blog. 

I love how the pillows turned out.

Don’t forget to make a mirror image of your picture for letters and numbers.

I hope you enjoy using the woodworkers transfer tool as much as I did! 

If you would like to get the woodworkers transfer tool you can find it on my sidebar.

82 thoughts on “Woodworkers Transfer Tool Will Transfer Onto Fabric

  1. I know I read this post and commented on it already {guest post somewhere?}, Dee, but I'm starting to actually consider getting this tool. It really doesn't sound like you can go wrong for the price if you get results like these. Okay, I'll put it in my wish list on Amazon and when I get some rewards I'll go for it!

  2. There's only 2 left on Amazon… I have a question. I know you have to use cotton, which is fine, Is that because of the heat the tool generates and if so, would it work on pure linen?

  3. Hi Rhissanna,I'm sure Amazon will have more woodworkers tools soon. Yes of course pure linen would be perfect for this project. I just said cotton because poly could melt. :-)xo,Dee

  4. These are all so totally amazing, my friend!! Come on over and look at my blogs–you're featured AND you're welcome to take the Guest Artist button from my sidebar on my magazine blog!!!XOCindy

  5. Hi Dee,You did ¨blow my mind¨indeed. That looks and sounds fabulous. The results you showed us are excellent! What else we can dream about but to own this tool. Thanks for sharing!!!!Blessings,Nádya

  6. This is very interesting. My daughter and I were talking about something like this today…In her boys room, she wants to use white cotton fabric and have some of the boys pictures printed on the material in black and white…Can you use this tool and method for transferring pictures?shug

  7. Well hello Dee! What a creative girl you are! I've been having a wonderful browse through your blog and I'm quite blown away with your talenty. Fantastic work and THE most beautiful photography.Thank you so much for your visit and for following me.Big HugsJune xx

  8. Cool idea, Dee. I'll give it a whirl – (too bad for me, my laser printer only prints B&W!) color looks great, but B&W is effective too.

  9. Wow Dee, this is so gorgeous. I would love to try this sometime. we do not have a laser printer. Something to think about. The results are amazing. I love your pillows. Thanks for the demonstration.Hugs, Jeanne

  10. This is the greatest idea ever. I love it Dee. I have so many ideas in my head and I'm asking for a laser printer for Christmas so I can make lots of things. Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us. rj

  11. oh wow i need to find this tool :)I'm inviting you to add this to our linking party athttp://www.passionatelyartistic.com/2011/07/american-pickers-with-linking-party.htmlHave a great weekend,Maggie

  12. This is so cool!! I tried it about a year ago when I heard about it and I don't know what I did wrong, but it didn't transfer. I will definitely try it again.Does the copy need to be 'fresh' off the printer? That might be what was wrong with mine.Your pillows are beautiful.Rhonda

  13. Answers to questions.Go ahead and wash it! No problem!!!Just make sure to use cold or warm water. Real photo's work too not just drawings when your using the woodworkers transfer tool. A real photo's becomes a canvas photo in looks. It's very cool and easy to do.xo,Dee

  14. Hi Dee~I have a couple of more questions. Is the way to do a transfer image is to flip it in a program on our computer? If the picture is color, then does the heat from the tool transfer the colors on? (that's cool)When I went to Amazon to look at this, I saw there are others they have on that page? Do you have this basic one?Thanks for your help!!Holly

  15. Here is another tip:How to make a mirror image of your photo's. I use Picasa for my pictures. Go to picnik in Picasa and from there click on edit in picnik. Next click on rotate. Where it says flip click on either button. After that in the middle you can also straighten your picture if needed. Then click OK and save to Picasa. EASY!!!xo,Dee

  16. Inkjet printers will not work for this project. You can take your picture to Staples and there they can make a black and white or color laser copy.Staples will charge about:black and white laser 20 centscolor laser 50 centsThe reason the inkjet printer does not work is because that printer actually sprays water-based ink onto the paper. A laser printer creates the image by melting toner which is a powdered plastic onto the paper. The woodworkers transfer tool remelts the toner off the paper and onto your fabric.This now creates a waterproof image on your project. Dee

  17. THIS IS SO COOL!!!I am jumping up and down!!!You see, I have a laser printer. I do not own an ink jet printer. I have wanted to make pillows and more for a VERY long time, but without buying citrasolv OR an ink jet printer and ink, I was out of luck. Also, I wanted to be able to wash it, since my six small children do not leave the furniture clean.You are wonderful! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!Now, there was another reason I kept considering an ink jet printer–so I could make shrinky dink jewelry. If you have a solution for that in mind, using my laser printer, I will love you forever!(why, yes, I AM rather giddy about this!)

  18. Hi Dee :-)I came to your blog via The Graphics Fairy.Thank you for sharing this fantastic tip with us! If only I had a laser printer :-(I am now following you and look forward to seeing your future projects :-)Emilyhttp://emilysummers-designer.blogspot.com/

  19. Dee,This is not working for me and I am feeling rather down about it. I am trying to make a birthday present for my daughter with it.I am using 100% cotton muslin. It is BARELY transferring onto the paper. In most places it is not going. It is certainly not as dark as yours. The darkest spot is where it burned (I put the tool down for a moment, and when I picked it up it burned the fabric as well). It is also leaving burn marks on my cutting board.Does it only work well on thick fabric? My fabric is thin muslin.I don't see a way to email you. I know you are busy cleaning up after the storm, but if you get a moment, please contact me. I was so looking forward to finally making some projects, and I'm feeling very sad that this isn't working.

  20. Hi Brandy,Press a little firmer when your using the woodworkers transfer tool and move the tool back and forth so it does not get too hot in one area. A piece of cardboard might be all you need to make the fabric a little more stiff. Place the cardboard on the cutting board then the fabric. If you need more help let me know. I can always make it for you if you prefer. xo,DeeDeeLapin@gmail.com

  21. LOVE this!Your blog is wonderful! I'm hopping by from katherine's blog hop and I'm so glad I did. I will probably blog about this on a future post and will link it over to your blog and give credit where credit is due.Hope you'll hop by and visit Style 'n Decor Deals.New follower!Nancyhttp://stylendecordeals.blogspot.com/

  22. Those pillows are fantastic. Think I'll give myself an early birthday present and order the woodworkers' tool! Thanks for sharing this excellent post. I'm a new follower.

  23. Omigosh I could just jump through my computer screen and kiss you right now! I can't wait to order this fabulous tool. Also, I would love to buy that green check pillow with the burlap on it. Name your price – seriously! Is it for sale???xoxo,Kim

  24. This is rather nifty! I had seen all kinds of image transfer techniques with mod podge/Citra Solv/packing tape etc. This seems the cleanest. One concern is you don't mention if this tool gets hot. If so, does it not burn the paper that you are rubbing on? I want to make sure there is no fire hazard. Please let us know, thank you so much for sharing. Your pillows are just awesome!

  25. I forgot to mention that one can use MS Word to flip images and get mirror images easily. Just click on Help in MS Word, search for "flip images" and it will tell you how to do it. You don't need any fancy software or even Picasa etc to create mirror images for transfer.

  26. The transfer tool does get hot. Kind of like a curling iron. If you feel you are burning the paper have an old towel nearby. Touch the towel with the woodworkers transfer tool first then go back to transferring the image. Sometimes I do char the paper as it makes the transfer look aged. It all depends on the look you are going for. Have fun crafting!xo,Dee

  27. oh, i am so loveing your birdie pillow! i would love to have a sewing machine and pretty sure my printer isn't a "laser" printer either….:( would love to try to make these – you make it look so easy and fun! xoox, tracie

  28. Thank You so Much for sharing this Wonderful Tutorial!!! I can't wait to try it! I bet Amazon is selling out on the transfer tool!Thank You Again!Have a Wonderful Evening!HugsJillhttp://feathersandflight.blogspot.com/

  29. Oh now that is cool! Does it take long to transfer a large image? You've got my thinker cranking now. I'm going to have to check out that tool. Thanks for visiting my blog and following. I'm following you back because I love your ideas! :)

  30. I bought this tool yesterday and cannot wait to use it! I was going to buy a 200.00 yudo silk screen machine but this is so much better. I saved money, time, and I can use it on wood. I will be posting pictures of all my projects. You know the lady who bedazzled everything in her house including her husband’s things well I am going to use this tool on everything. Purses, pillows, cutting boards….LOL Thanks for posting about the tool!

  31. I can't sew. I hate painting. Can't even cut straight. Can't draw even my stick people look awful. But I can print from a laserjet and transfer with a woodworkers tool! Thanks, can't wait to try my own hand at this.~Bliss~

  32. Hi,Just thought you would like to know that someone hijacked your links in this post. Mirror image goes to a window glass company, pictures from the graphic's fairy goes to an art web page, Turned goes to a stock quote place. I am sure it is as frustrating to you as it was to me.Loved your post. Thanks.Dona

  33. After you commented on my vintage bird tags, I thought I'd stop by to check out your blog ~ and I am blown away by this idea! I've been seeing all these (scary) ideas for feeding fabric through my printer, and it just seemed too risky! Thank you so much for this idea :)

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