A Sweet Blogger ~ Nádya ~ Copied My Burlap And Paper Idea


Nádya made this beautiful tin can with burlap and jute. She embellished the tin can with lace, twine and rope. She then glued a fleur de lis and butterfly to the front and varnished it. 

Nádya’s inspiration came from my burlap on 
stretched art canvas.
­burlapon stretched art canvas
I loved her idea so much and wanted you to see how super cute it is!!! Thanks Nádya.
I’m going to make one too! 


11 thoughts on “A Sweet Blogger ~ Nádya ~ Copied My Burlap And Paper Idea

  1. Dee, thanks again for sharing this easy and beautiful work of yours! I got really inspired the first time I saw it so, I had to make my tin copying you ;) I'm looking forward to see your tin I am sure it will be something unique as all your stuff!!!Nádya

  2. Very clever! I do love your canvas, Dee! I'd love to do one of those myself. A couple of months ago I was shopping with a client and we came across pieces on canvas {or burlap}that had old floral bookplate prints on them. $25.00 for one and $75.00 for the three we bought {and they were about 11×14}.

  3. Dee you are such an inspiration to others. Nadya did a wonderful job making her new tin using your technique. Can't wait to see what you come up with too. Love all of your projects. rj

  4. Замечательная работа Нади. Мне вообще очень нравятся ее работы. В них столько света и энергии. Я восхищаюсь ее выдумкой и трудолюбием.

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