Thank You Debbie and Newbie Party!

This is my last newbie party with:

I adore Debbie! She is full of spunk and high energy! After meeting Debbie I joined her link party. There I met so many wonderful bloggers. Debbie has always been there if I needed help on something. She’s like that with everyone! I don’t know how and when she finds the time. One thing I can’t stress enough is Debbie is one of the nicest bloggers you will ever want to meet. Any newbie’s out there who would love to meet Debbie should join her blog and link up to her newbie party.
 *guidelines to link party:
 You can participate as many times as you like AS long as you are a blogger under 6 months, and/or under 100 followers. Example, you have been blogging for 9 months and have 85 followers, you qualify! Example number #2 you have been blogging for 5 months and have 150 followers, you qualify. The link party starts every Sunday night.
I made this rooster pillow for Debbie as a (Thank You) for all that she does.

I’ve never forget all her help and support and love ~from a former Jersey Girl.  
You ~ ROCK ~ Debbie!!!!
Love ya,
I’m linking with:

20 thoughts on “Thank You Debbie and Newbie Party!

  1. Aah Debbie sounds like such a sweet person to know and she's a past Jersey girl too. How neat! Her newbie party sounds like a great idea. Dee that is so you to make Debbie such a lovely departing gift. You are such a special friend. I know first hand. rj

  2. You are well able to spread your wings and fly without Debbie, you have a fabulous blog and have only success in your future! What a wonderful thing Debbie does for newbies, wow I would have loved something like that when I started.Carol

  3. Oh! Thank you for putting my blog on followand saying such nice things about my steampunk artefact.. I've been following you for a few weeks now, and still think your blog has such a cool name. It's the rabbit thing, you know?

  4. Dee that is a lovely pillow and well done on your blog from a newby. Great to be here with Debbie and meeting fellow bloggers and learning loads and having a ton of fun doing it!

  5. *sniffle* She is just that awesome isn't she?????How could it not be that we started the same time!! We have that Jersey connection!!! LOL!!!Of course we can stalk the party!!That pillow is awesome!! I have to try this method, we've already talked about it. But something always gets in front of it!! LIKE this cabinet!!! ugh.Have a fabulous last day!!xxDaniella

  6. How very sweet of you! Debbie is great. I was starting to get nervous that I was breaking the rules now that I have >100 followers but have only been blogging 3 months. Heaven knows I REALLY don't want to break rules with Debbie! You cleared that up for me. Thanks and congrats.

  7. Hi Dee, what a beautiful pillow and yes, Debbie is great. I think everyone in blogland loves her. Thanks for sharing. I'm a bit late in commenting. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

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