Hammock – Bird Watching – Arbor

My husband and I have been working hard in our yard. I’d like to say I’ve been hanging out in the hammock. I think my kids use it more.

Do you remember the beautiful feathers my son found in our backyard? They must have come from this large Hawk.

Moving on to the yard work my husband built the walls for the flower beds.  
We added the large stepping stones.

We put wood lattice on the fence. Then planted english and boston ivy. The ivy has really taking off and is now covering parts of the fence. It looks so lush and green.
We just purchased the arbor. Now to decide where to put it and what would look best growing on it. Do you like the planters next to it? I will need to move them out in order to plant some kind of vine. I need to come up with a plan. Any ideas would be great! I have some old bricks I could use in the design.
I’m in zone 6 and the area is in partial shade. I need something that will grow fast and can take semi-dry conditions and a cold winter.

20 thoughts on “Hammock – Bird Watching – Arbor

  1. Love it, Dee!!i wish i could help with your questions, but i'm the ultimate black thumb! i can't believe you have an hawk hanging out in your trees… that is so cool! (those stepping stones are so heavy… i helped my dad years ago and my back still hurts to think about it !!)

  2. It looks lovely and the hammock sounds like heaven to me.You could plant the vine in the planters and put them next to the arbor, that way you will avoid any runners getting into the lawn and messing up the mower…If you can grow it there, wisteria would be pretty…we have tons of it growing in our wooded area and it seems to thrive in the shade.Blessings KelsiePS: I would be scared of the stepping stone under the hammock, with my luck I would break my b-hind on them lol

  3. I could use some of that shade, Dee! What about clematis? I have two that are great performers ~ a white one growing up the side of my gazebo and purpley one mixed with a climbing rose up a bird house post. No babying them and they come back every year. I'm on Long Island and I think we are zone 7, if memory serves.

  4. Your yard looks beautiful, Dee! I am a huge fan of stepping stone pathways. My parents grow plain old sweet peas on their trellises and they seem to grow thick and lush every year. I think they need to be planted from seeds every year though.

  5. The grounds are looking very nice Dee! I can wait to see the arbor over the next few years all filled in! Can I take a nap on that hammock? Just so inviting!!!! Maybe you can pass me a margarita? LOL love the stone pathway! Just beautiful out there. Enjoy the rest of summer and fall in bliss dear. xooxo ~Richelle~

  6. Dee like Debbie I was wondering if jasmine grows well in Jersey? We have tons of jasmine growing down here on our back trellis fence. It grew very quickly and the smell is divine. Your backyard looks beautiful already so the vine will be icing on the cake. That hammock is mighty inviting for my visit. rj

  7. Dee, I would love to see pink roses growing over the trellis, how pretty would that be. The pathway is so nice and don't you love those hammocks, looks like you have been so busy that you haven't had much time to enjoy it.

  8. Hello Dee! Wow What a beautiful back yard ! I love the mature trees, we have practically no shade in our yard, and I yearn for some tall shade trees like yours. Love the hammock too. I love the arbor just the way you have it and love the planters next to it. I don't think it looks bare at all. If I were you I would just leave it that way until you really know what you want on it, and like I said it looks wonderful just the way it is! It will come to you what you want to do, even it it's next Spring/Summer. hugs

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