Hurricane Irene Hits Hard

First I’m sorry I have not been around. The virus had really taken a hold of me. It took some time to recovery….. 
Then the hurricane hits.
 We had ourshare of rain and wind but nothing to get panicked over or so we thought. 
Sunday night thetail end of the hurricane ends up causing our trees to snap and our power to go out here in New Jersey.

 I had heard a noise in my backyard. A tree starts to make a cracking sound and some of the limbs fall off into my neighbor’s yard. It just misses their home. Thank GOODNESS!!! I saw the limbs fall. It was as ifthey were falling in slow motion but in reality they came down in seconds.Let’s just say it’s one of the hardest things to watch. 

A half hour later atree falls roots and all across the street right onto my neighbor’s home. It could have wipedout their home. Luckily another tree in its path stopped it from fallingthrough their home. 

The sound ofcracking trees is still so vivid in my mind. The same thing happened 15 monthsago from heavy rain and wind.

Sure our trees sway with the wind but uproot or brakealmost never. I hope this is the last of it.

Pictures of my tree. It broke in three places.

Here is my yard – the middle maple tree is the one that caused all the damage. We will have it removed this fall.

One of the large branches broke our fence. 

Here are the rest of the branches that fell into our neighbor’s yard. 
 The tree limbs fell so close to their house. My husband cut down the branches that were up against their home. 
We will be clearing Al’s yard today. My husband just got a new chainsaw chain.

~ Across the street ~
My neighbor’s house. 
Their backyard.

Here you can see how large the tree was. It engulfed their home. The tree was now in the back and the front of their home. 

 A large crane was used to remove their tree.

 The tree was finally removed yesterday. It destroyed their roof in many places. This picture just shows one area. 
I hope they can cover the roof soon. We are due for more rain this weekend.

We had lost power due to the storm and are so lucky to have it backon. My neighbors and friends only blocks away still have no power. ThankGod we are all okay. 

I have been on pins and needles not knowing if my family inNorth Carolina made it through. God is good as they are fine and unharmed.
Turning on the news makes it all so real. I’m so sad for all the deaths the hurricane has caused. My heart goes out to you if you lost a loved one.  
Life is too short not to pick up the phone and tell your family and friends how much they mean to you.

Much Love,
I’ll be back after I clean up the yard. 



17 thoughts on “Hurricane Irene Hits Hard

  1. First, I'm so happy to hear from you, Dee… I've been wondering how you've been getting over that virus. So I'm glad you're feeling better!I'm stunned at the damage the storm caused and I cannot believe how fortunate your neighbors are that the tree didn't totally destroy their roof and house.I haven't ever heard the sound of branches cracking, but I'm sure it must be very scary.Thank God you're all alright! Take care, my friend. ~ Yvonne

  2. Hi dee. I am so happy that you are all safe and so sad to hear about all the damage and loss of life. Your photos makes it more real for us than what we see on the news briefly here. All the best with clearing up and so sorry to hear that you are still batteling that virus! Hope you get over it soon soon and take care.Veronicaxxx

  3. we have had times like that and I'm sure glad no one was hurt. Just be careful when you're cleaning up all that debris. Many friends have gotten hurt during the cleanup. {{{Hugs}}}

  4. Dee, it's great to hear from you and happy you're doing well!!! And about this awful situation I don't know what to tell. This is just something I wish never to happen to anyone! Hoping soon all this will be past and all of you guys will be back to your routine!!!Blessings,Nádya

  5. Hello, I am glad you fared ok in this storm – what amazing power! So glad your neighbor's house was spared further damage! I hope you're feeling better! Wishing you a blessed weekend!Kathy

  6. Hi Dee,Scary! Thank God you and your family are safe. Those shots of your neighbors felled tree are amazing. It really puts it into perspective seeing the man beside all those roots. Just incredible!Nancy

  7. Oh Dee, I am so sorry that all of this has befallen you, I thank the Lord that you and your family came through it safely. You are so right, life is too short not to tell your loved ones that you love them, we need to think about that every day.Thanks so much for visiting my blog today, I am so happy to "meet" you and read your post. Thankfully Canada got mainly some rain and wind, nothing like the rest of you got.I hope you are feeling much better.Hugs, cindy

  8. Wow! My prayers have been in behalf of all you in Irene's path. She really did some damage. Glad that you and your family are all o.k. It's hard to see your home and neighbors damaged, but so glad that it wasn't any worse. Wishing you the best. Also, thanks so much for visiting my blog.

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