New Hampshire

~ Our Trip to New Hampshire ~

I took a picture of the George Washington Bridge. I know many of you have not taking the drive over.

We arrived in New Hampshire and I could not get over the beautiful mountains. 
My husband was already here with my two older boys. They went with Scouts and they climbed The White Mountains.  

It’s was not an easy hike but they loved it!!!
My middle son trained by carrying his backpack full of books. It was so heavy but he said he needed to get strong. That he did! He was one of the first to reach the top of the mountain.

Here my children stood proud to have climbed 
The White Mountain – N.H.
Making Memories!!!

My boys could not wait to bring me here. They said I was going to love it! They were so right! The air was so clean and it was so very different from home. There were miles and miles of beautiful trees and mountains as far as the eyes could see.

Even the clouds were breathtaking!!!
It was getting late so we went to our hotel. 
There we saw beautiful bikes!
New Hampshire is known for motorcycles. 
  It’s a summertime toy where helmets are optional. The riders are decked out in elaborate outfits of leather and boots. Even the women look cool in their Harley styled clothes.
More to follow. :-)

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