Mother Nature’s Tricks – Saturday! ~ No Power ~

We started the day off with beautiful autumn leaves ………

***** To Snow in October *****

Read News Report:
 A nor’easter in October in the state of New Jersey….That’s just crazy!
I took these pictures within the first few hours. The snow was coming down in big heavy flakes. It looked so much like a snow globe.

It’s was so beautiful!
Then without warning the trees were not happy with the BIG beautiful heavy white snow. Once again our trees came down and limbs scattered all over. Our power flickered and then went out! 
Here is one area of Mother Nature’s tricks. 
Schools are closed and the snow is melting yippee! 
Stay Safe!

~Happy Halloween ~

I hope to be back to blogging soon.

12 thoughts on “Mother Nature’s Tricks – Saturday! ~ No Power ~

  1. Snow is beautiful, you took lovely photographs…but when the snow comes in the wrong time and causing damages it is nothing good…hoping everything will be fine asap…blessings!!!

  2. Oh my gosh–this is unbelievable! And what gorgeous pictures of Mother Nature's "Surprise." I am SO glad that you got your power back because I understand that 400,000 homes in N.J. are still without power!XOCindy

  3. When I clicked on your blog I saw "Jersey Girl" and wondered it you got hit . . . guess you did :( Hope your power is back on!! We bought a generator this summer after numerous summer storms and winter storms that knocked out power. This storm was sure a surprise . . . glad it's melting!!

  4. Craziness! That's the second time in a matter of months that you've had tree branches fall – unbelievable. Did your kids still get to enjoy Halloween?BTW, the top picture of the leaves would look amazing in a frame for next year's fall decorating!

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