Update on French Clothespins – Printouts Here

Here is what I used to make the French Clothespins.
~ Fleur De Lis ~

 ~ French Script ~
*It’s up to you if you want to add bling. 
‘Rectangle Diamond Gems’
I sealed the clothespins with Minwax water based polycrylic.

Here are two projects that I did awhile ago. The clothespins are perfect for French chicken wire frames.

Or you could just add the clothespins to twine.

I made the pocket using the woodworkers transfer tool on my sidebar.

xo, Dee


11 thoughts on “Update on French Clothespins – Printouts Here

  1. Hi, DeeI just love these. I am going to make these. Whoo! Hope you are doing good and keeping warm. : ) It's been in the 80's here and at night low 60's. I don't think it will ever get cold here any time soon. I really miss up north this time of year, crazy right? Anyway, have a good week. Vanessa

  2. Dee, lovely, lovely!!!! And this French chicken wire frame is sooo gorgeous – all details, I love the choices you make when choosing the details to decorate your pieces!!!Nadya

  3. Very pretty, did you stain the darker clothespins? I've been thinking about doing some for a few weeks, can't decide on the look. It's great that in this modern world we can still appreciate and use clothespins for different purposes!

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