Driveway Planter Box – Recycled to be Green

Our pool was getting old. We could have replaced the liner. But we decided to take it down. What do you do with old pool parts? 

Why you make a planter box out of them.

My husband cut the pool parts down to size to match the length of the fence. 

He then raised the pool parts with concrete blocks. This will help with drainage and much needed height.

Left over fencing was used to make the planter box.

 I couldn’t wait to fill it with flowers!

Roof flashing was used to cover between the pool parts. This will keep the potting soil from falling out the bottom.
We added drainage rocks and then filled the planter with soil.

I loved how it turned out but it was still missing something. 
So I decorated the fence.

~ It’s so much prettier now! ~

I spray painted the metal wall hangings and flying rabbit black.


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20 thoughts on “Driveway Planter Box – Recycled to be Green

  1. What a creative idea! I love it! And the addition of the rabbit and pots hung on the fence look SO good!Great work. Good luck on the kitchen job. My husband added a closet to a room and we've had drywall dust everywhere for days now. Every time I think I've gotten it all, more filters down on everything. It's a long term clean up!Pam

  2. Hi Dee, I loved, loved, loved that green wall! And I can see you will still have many great projects to show us! Good luck with the boxing and cleaning up!!!Blessings,Nadya

  3. Hi, DeeI love what you did, well I love what your husband did. LOL Awesome and great way to use what you had on hand. Super cheap project. It's just lovely! Thanks for stopping by today. Have a great weekend and keep warm. I am wearing flannel tonight. LOL It's 47 degrees now. Vanessa

  4. You still hold the title! You are the crafty queen! Only you could think of that from an old pool!!and to accessorize with the black metal pieces is just genius!!Good luck with the reno! I am here 11 months now and I am ALMOST done!! Yours will go much faster for sure! Good Luck!xxDaniella

  5. nobody I know would have thought of that! AMAZING!!! It looks great and I love the use of old pool materials…re-use is so fresh and hope this inspires us all to think more about waste and use it in creative ways such as you have!

  6. wow! that's a great repurpose for sure! :)I Love how your patio turned out! (I would have kept the tree) hehehehebut everything looks fabulous!Lots of hard work, but it's paying off for sure.gail

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