New York City Christmas Past – Fantastic Pictures!

Ground Zero – World Trade Center

Remembering the day……..
New York became one of the safest areas after 9/11. Everyone was looking out for each other. 

There was a huge sense of pride! 

Bronze statue

South Street Seaport had this Human Body exhibition for a couple of years.

~ South Street ~

Food vendors galore!

~ South Street Seaport ~
Ships decorated with white lights.

Live Nutcracker – lol 

He was so much fun at South Street Seaport.

Sensational crown at Cartier!

Horse – drawn carriage rides are always a memorable event!

Rickshaw pedicabs are another way to get around the city.

I saw Mary Taylor Moore in the Bergdorf Goodman’s elevator. She also went to the shoe department. 

Big beautiful snowflakes inside!!!

The snowflakes at Saks Fifth Avenue changed colors!!!

Sadly the snowflakes went digital in 2011

Not as pretty as these…….

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral is magnificent inside and out!!!

The doors are spectacular!!!

Still more to come! Rockefeller Center and all the Christmas JOY!


13 thoughts on “New York City Christmas Past – Fantastic Pictures!

  1. After home, NYC is my most favorite place in the world! I haven't visited at Christmas time in quite a few years. My kids really need to see the city this time of year. Thanks for sharing.

  2. We spent last Christmas in NYC (my son lives and works there until thanksgiving…when he moved). It's was so much fun UNTIL the worst snowstorm ever to hit the city. Thought I would never get home. My son lives right near SouthStreet Seaport. Thanks for bringing back all those fabulous memories. :)

  3. I am enjoying the pictures of New York at Christmas time. I especially like the boat with all the lights and the snowflakes on the side of the building.Thanks for stopping by and your nice comment on my Christmas Tree.Barb

  4. Hey Dee! Thanks for stopping by and linking up!I'm afraid I may have been confusing…the Christmas tree linky is on Friday (5 Things Thursday is just something I open up for others to post to if they want each week).Would love for you to stop back by tomorrow and relink your tree with a bunch of other blogging friends! : )~Abbie (

  5. You saw Mary Tyler Moore in the elevator?!?! She was my total idol when I was 20!!! Did you talk to her, did she say anything, how is she doing, I'm glad to know she went to the shoe department :)Mary

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