Stunning Conservatory Mural

A friend’s conservatory. This mural was here when they bought the house. Is it not grand!!!
It’s all done on canvas and is in excellent condition.

Here is a web site that shows murals on ceilings and walls using the canvas method. 
There are so many great stencils on the market today. You can do this yourself without hiring an artist. Think of all the possibilities. Canvas can go almost anywhere.
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31 thoughts on “Stunning Conservatory Mural

  1. Dearest Dee,Oh, the orignal art work is fabulous and for those that want the easy done canvas version nowadays, they too can enjoy this.You need high ceilings in my opinion, otherwise it will weight down on you…Love to you,Mariette

  2. oh my goodness, this is marvelous!Happy Saturday. Hugs. P.S> please stop by Katherines Corner and add your lovely blog to my new blog list page ( if you haven't already) and don't forget to enter the Tis The Season Giveaway it ends tonight.

  3. Oh my word! I misread one of your sentences. I thought you said, it was not grand. After I saw the pics, I went back to your sentence and realized you said Is it not grand?….Ha! That makes much more sense. It is VERY grand and VERY beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Can we see more!!????? Wow….that's gorgeous! I have taken down some pretty horrendous wall paper jobs…so bad that I promised myself that I would never use wallpaper so I have small murals painted around our home. Done by me and Bobby G. except the one in the master bedroom. That one was professionally done but it's just a teeny tiny one. Must blog about it sometime.

  5. How beautiful. It makes me want to show my ceilings some attention. Love finding great blogs…I'm a follower now. Stop by and visit anytime…I love new blog friends, Lori

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