High Voltage Wire and a Lucky Winner!!!

The winner of the Shabby Apple Giveaway The Duchess “Vintage Jewelry”
High voltage excitement tonight! As I sat down at my computer to pick a winner a large explosion and bright light filled the room. I jumped up and ran to the front door. My husband and boys had just left to get into the car. There my family stood in the driveway not harmed but dazed as to what had happened. They were about 20 feet away.
Do you remember the last storm in October? It snowed and brought down many branches still with leaves on the trees.
  There was still one branch caught in the high voltage wire. It came crashing down on my driveway with the rain bringing with it the high voltage wire. It lit the sidewalk and street on fire and burned for over an hour at 2000 degrees.
 The police put caution tape up at our house.
 One of my children flew into the house for his flip camera. It was that exciting! I went and got my camera too!

My giveaway concluded with a bang!  Thanks to all who entered!

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