Estate Home

Our friends restored the outside of their home and also added on.

These pictures are from the party we attended.

They don’t build homes like this anymore.

Before pictures!

They had some crew working!

Rubber molds were made to recast these.

~ Me and Hubby ~

We have gone up in the tower. You can see for miles up there.

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27 thoughts on “Estate Home

  1. Dearest Dee,Great that they still can finish such a quality labor. It is eye candy to so many others, not only for the owners that occupy the home, uh… castle!Love to you and have a great week.Mariette

  2. OH MY GOSH, this is amazing!!! And I love the pic of you and your husband–it's adorable!!! I thought of you on New Year's and wondered if you were in Times Square…Happy New Year!!!!XOCindy

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