Antique Outdoor Lighting

Some things are worth saving. Our antique light fixture needed some love. I stripped off the old paint and applied a rust blocker and painted it black.

I also cleaned the glass. Under all the grime was this gorgeous antique glass.

 My husband took the lighting apart and I refinished it.

It was a lot of work but so worth it!!!

~ Small updates do make a difference. ~

Thanks for stopping by this old house.


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18 thoughts on “Antique Outdoor Lighting

  1. It's wonderful Dee. I love it! Glad you didn't replace it. And you are so right about updating little things making such a difference. Before our wedding party, I did so many little things like replacing outlet covers and light switch plates and numerous other small things. No one really noticed but I felt so good about it.

  2. It looks wonderful Dee and I think it's great that you didn't replace it! There are a few things that I replaced in this house 10 years ago, that I wish I didn't.

  3. So glad you saved the old fixture! It's lovely.when we sold our last house, a brick Arts & Crafts, we left the patinaed brass and slag glass porch light (original and in perfect shape) — thinking that it was what we should do, as it "belonged" to the house.I drove past a few months later — and the new owners had taken it down and replaced it with a modern fixture! I nearly cried ….So YAY for you for keeping the fixture that your house already "owns." :-)Cass

  4. Awesome job. I love how it turned out. I know how much work it was bucause I have done it in the past. I was younger then. Great results.I absolutely love your home. I adore a stone house.Blessings, Ginger

  5. Dearest Dee,You are a POWER COUPLE! Your husband does the same as what my husband does. It is so rewarding to re-purpose those old or antique things! It provides us with quality that's no longer available in the market place…Love to you,Mariette

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