Boys Room, Bulletin Board, and Curtains

I have saved a few blue jeans pockets over the years. The pockets are great for bulletin board.  

I covered the wood bulletin board with batting and a dark denim fabric. I then nailed the upholstery nails into the wood making my way around the board.
I glued the pockets and upholstery nails to the denim fabric.

The pockets can hold a child’s eye glasses, paperback books and small toys. Even an ipod will fit. 
 My son loves his bulletin board and uses it all the time.

My boys love red and blue. I made the light switch cover with a Wallies wallpaper cutout.

The wall colors are red and richmond bisque by Benjamin Moore.

The curtains are two separate panels with gathers on both ends top and bottom. Instead of having the curtains just hang straight I brought up each panels gathered bottom and put them on the curtain rods. The curtains now have a full dressy look without being overdone.

The red wall has an antique color-wash over it. It was to tone down the red and make the room look more boyish!
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27 thoughts on “Boys Room, Bulletin Board, and Curtains

  1. The bulletin board is wonderful! I love denim and especially love the pockets! My son's name is Levi, so my mom made him a quilt out of jeans and added some Levi's pockets to them.Your whole room is terrific – love the colors!Blessings,Angie @ Knick of Time

  2. Dearest Dee,Wow, what a patriotic looking boy's room is that! Stars and stripes and red and blue; great ingredients for raising your young men. LOVE the stars on the ceiling; kind of romantic when they glow after the light gets turned off.You certainly know what you're doing and those jeans pockets are fabulous too.Love to you,Mariette

  3. Hi Dee … I love your denim pocket board. Will be fitting for my daughter’s ranch. I am sure she will copy it. I will be sending your blog to her. Maybe I should just keep it a secret and make her one for a present. It is really unique. Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  4. I liked everything there. The covered bulletin board – the light switch – the curtains the way you have them done – I just love them. You boys must be really happy in there. Love, sandie

  5. Dee,their room looks amazing! So happy looking. The light switch with the Wallies was clever and it looks cute. The board is so useful! That really came out so nice! Everything just looks great!!!!! They must be thrilled with their space!

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