What is it?

House Fairy???
Let’s play a game to see who knows what this is?
This is my living room when my children were very little long before I learned to decorate. I went around the room taking pictures. 

Do you see it?

It has its own shadow!

I used my digital camera. I did not see it when I took the picture. I have never seen it except for this picture.

What is it?  
My bird Lucky is not fond of it. lol

I have no clue what it is? One person once said it’s a House Fairy!


24 thoughts on “What is it?

  1. I was going crazy here, trying to see something but couldn't see anything. It took me a minute but I think I see it. Am I looking at the thing in the left bottom corner of the photo? Oh my, what is that??

  2. hmm. I see a profile of a statue. It could be a little statue of an old lady with pearl necklace and pink shirt? Or it could be a statue of a chef? lol Just guessing herexoxoMyric

  3. Okay…this TOTALLY FREAKS ME OUT! Yikes! Please tell me that there is an explanation for this? Please. Because that is DEFINITELY the likeness of a person. I am hoping that you took some other image and somehow your old camera laid that on top of that image. If not, put the For Sale sign up now! LOL

  4. Dearest Dee,Well, your children were little you said but this 'person' whatever it is, looks like a dwarfed person too! He is holding something up in his hands… Do you post tomorrow for the sequel of this mystery?Love to you,Mariette

  5. The round pillow on the chair, well the tufting makes it look like a grumpy cat- no that's not your fairy. Are you talking about the gray form in the scuttle? Weird. I did a search for house fairies and there's a huge amount of info out there, way out there on the web. Flashlight, always have a flashlight in the dark, best of luck.

  6. Well I remember when I was little reading a book that had little people called brownies. They would clean up the houses when everyone was asleep. Since this little guy is standing by a broom, maybe your mystery man is a brownie. :-)

  7. Very interesting, I see what looks like a little gnome standing by the black pail. I see the shadow, too. Tell me what you think it is.Thank you for visiting my blog today and for commenting. Hugs, Cindy

  8. Hi lovely lady.I love your Beautiful photos!! Yes I do see the Shadow sweet lady.I would like to thank you so much for your sweet comments on my tablescape for Valentine's Day. I hope you have a wonderful week with your family sweet lady.XXOO Diane

  9. He descubierto tu blog y me ha encantado su contenido. Desde hoy lo sigo, si lo deseas te invito a conocer mi blog y si es de tu agrado, me gustaría tenerte como seguidora en mi blog para seguir en contacto. Un saludo muy cordial.Manoli.

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