French Wine Charms – Made from Cork – Update Tutorial

A winery was selling cork wine charms. 
I had all the supplies on hand to make my own.

~ Ooh La La ~

French Stamps!

French “grenouille” all in fun! The frog stamp does not come with the set.

My uncle Jacques calls himself a French Frog.

While I was at the winery they had these red bottles.

It makes the wine stopper look extra special.
I did a post on how to make them. It’s on my sidebar.

I adore the color ‘RED’ in the winter months!

To make the wine charms you will need:
nontapered # 9 corks
earring hoops
jump rings
wood and silver beads
StazOn inkpad

To cut the corks I used a bandsaw. You could use a hacksaw. Then I used a belt sander to smooth the corks. A hand sander would work just as good. Drill a hole in the cork with a small drill bit.

You can buy the French stamps on my sidebar.

Happy Crafting!

XO, Dee

35 thoughts on “French Wine Charms – Made from Cork – Update Tutorial

  1. The charms look great! I immediately thought of your wine stoppers when I saw them. Paired with the a stopper, these charms would make a nice gift with a bottle of wine.

  2. Dee, I really like your wine markers . I am enthralled with all these cool stamps, too. I'd like to purchase some Frenchy script so I can "get my craft on." I am not very talented in that area. LOL. I have a TON of wine corks that I found at a yard sale- no I didn't drink 300+ bottles of wine! so I should attempt some wine stoppers, as well. You are such an inspiration!

  3. Hi Dee…stopping by from over at 21 Rosemary Lane to give you the Versatile Blogger Award…yippee! Drop on by and pick it up while it is still hot!Also if you haven't already, check out my giveaway at the bottom of the post…it's a tote bag from 31 Gifts.Congratulations and have a great day!!!

  4. Dee,This is another fabulous project. The wine charms are really adorable and I just knew you would love those stamps. I use mine all the time. Can you give a list of the items you would need to buy to make them?Your red bottles are so pretty especially with your gorgeous stoppers. You are our favorite "Craft Queen". Keep up the fabulous work and ideas.So happy my new account is working and I can post again. rj

  5. A rabbit after my own heart. I know what you mean about red glass. I love to put candles in reg class hoders for the Winter. Mysterious and cosy all at once! The cork wine charms are gorgeous. A set looped over a special bottle of wine and two glasses would make a lovely Valentine.

  6. Hi Dee,WOW, I LOVE your creations–they are amazing!!! You are totally rocking!!! Thanks so much for linking I'm up–I'm in the "book zone," so not blogging much, but I didn't disappear! lol Love, Cindy

  7. Oooh, la, la is right, Dee! I adore your wine charms, I have that same exact set of rubber stamps, and I love them! I'll have to check out your how to's for that great stopper, love it!

  8. Oh my word Dee, your corks are superb!! Glad to hear you got them from a winery, was afraid you had to drink all those bottles of wine, lol! Thanks for your comment on my blog, have a great day, Ira

  9. I am a new follower, Dee. I would like to use some of my collected wine corks to make the wine glass charms since I, too, have the same french stamps! BUT, how did you slice up your corks?Please inform.Mary in Oregon

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