Island Fun ….. In My Dreams

~ cabana boys ~

I hada root canal about 5 years ago.  Little did I know I would need a secondone in the same tooth today. Last week I was getting strange headaches. Thenearly Saturday morning I woke up with pain on one side of my mouth. It feltlike I had lock jaw. The next day my face, head and ear hurt so badly. Threedoctors later I found out I had to have another root canal. 
Thedoctor left one of the canals open to drain. I was told to be careful eatingand only eat on the other side.  Since any kind of chewing hurts I thinkI’m going to lose my love handles in no time.  :-) Now if only I washeading to an island.  A girl can dream. :-)
I’llbe back in a few days. Talk to you soon,

14 thoughts on “Island Fun ….. In My Dreams

  1. thats the problem with root canals they neglect to tell you things can still happen.I had mine for fve years and it broke, they are weakened by all the drilling .I had to have it removed and because the rootcanal has weakened your tooth its a big deal to have them pulled, they have to surgically remove a root canal tooth.I never knew that.My one root canal tooth cost me in total. 3500 dollars.The first root canal, 800, twice repaired 600, crowned 400, surgical removal 1700.Thats crazy and now its gone, thankgoodness it was a back tooth!

  2. Boy, did I ever pick the right time to stumble upon your blog. That picture was very welcoming! :) Good luck with the root canal!~Betina"Teaming together for blog performance!"

  3. Dearest Dee,Oh my! You are making the very best out of it though. Love your humor. Hope you are feeling soon better and manage again to eat normal. One never thinks about how painful chewing can become when there is a problem… Success with your love handles!Love to you,Mariette

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