French Chalkboard Tags

1) Cut plywood into tags and lightly sand with sandpaper.
2) Drill a hole for twine, rope or ribbon.

 3) Paint both sides with chalkboard paint and glue on your wood applique.

4) Add some twine and hang your French tags.  

*Use chalk or chalk ink pens to decorate.

Happy Crafting!




Copied and Loving the Results!

Debbie O from Where It Itches has been inspired by my crafts. 

Debbie O crafted these beautiful burlap candles.

~ Here is mine ~

Debbie O made these wonderful looking wine stoppers.

~ Here are mine ~

  Have I inspired any of you? 
I’d love to toot your horn and blog all about it!

Feather Your Nest – Bird’s Nest – Tutorial

Scroll Down for Tutorial

 The quail eggs and the feather help dress up the nest. I used natural sphagnum moss to make the birds’ nest.

Here I started to add twine to the nest. 

The finished nest in all its glory!


2 sheets of wax paper, natural sphagnum moss, twine, raffia, twigs, miniature pine cones, thin piece of wood for the bottom of the nest, Elmer’s glue and a little bit of water to hold it all together.


Lay down a sheet of wax paper and a few handfuls of the natural sphagnum moss. Pour Elmer’s glue and a little water on the moss. Now mix it with your hands. It will form into a ball. Start by pulling at the sides keeping it round. Take your clean sheet of wax paper and finish making the nest on it.  Start pressing into the center of the moss to make the birds nest. Now let it dry for a few days on the wax paper. When dry add more natural sphagnum moss with Elmer’s glue. Be creative and include, raffia, twigs, and pine cones. To get the wispy look I used twine. Pull the twine apart and add it to the inside and the outside of your nest. I glued a small thin piece of wood under the birds nest. It’s small enough not to be seen.  * The large piece of wood is just to move it around for pictures.* You can also make mini birds nest just by using twine.  Pull out all the threads and shape into a nest. EASY!

Happy Crafting!


Springtime Giveaway

Spring is almost here! Help me celebrate by entering ….

The Springtime Giveaway. You will receive (4) Wood Spring Tags.

Each tag is 6” x 3”

 All you need to do is be a follower of my blog using

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*If you’re not on Blogger following me on Linky Followers.

Thanks for entering. Best of luck to all!

(The winner will be announced on March 15)



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Birds, Nest, and Eggs – Wood Tags – Tutorial

Tags look great on baskets.

Here I added a tag to a crown cloche.

The pictures tags are from:
Megan @ Lilac and Lavender

For this project I used my laser printer and thin plywood to make the tags. My husband was a sweetheart and cut the plywood for me. He also drilled a hole in the tags for the twine. I lightly sanded each tag.

You will want to make more than just one … trust me.

~ I made five tags ~

I used Elmer’s glue for this project. I put a thin layer of Elmer’s glue on the wood tags and added the pictures. You can put a picture on both sides it you like. When they dried I used my round nose pliers to poke through the paper opening up the small hole for the twine. You can use anything that will fit through the hole.

Then I sealed the wood tags with varnish.

Now I added the twine when the varnish dried.

The tags look great on cloches, crowns, wreaths, door knobs, pillows, baskets, lamps, candlesticks, cork boards, French bottle trees, and so much more.

~ Tag a lamp ~

~ on a pillow ~

~ Just have fun with them ~

Happy Tagging I mean Crafting!


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Queen of Bulletin Boards

I have been giving the name “The Queen of Bulletin Boards” for some time now. You might say I enjoy making them. I made two of these memo boards.

 I used to different kinds of ribbon and glued them to the checked fabric. Underneath is a large square cork board.

 I drew the large fleur de lis on index cards and painted them gold.  I added clear glass beads, gold beads and wire and glued them on.

The smaller fleur de lis I made using a punch cutout by Anna Griffin. I found another company who sells similar ones.
How I made the fleur de lis push pins:
 I spray painted the ball head straight pins gold. Then I glued them to the gold beads. When they were dry I added the smaller fleur de lis to each one.
 Here I used the white ball head straight pins and no gold beads.
I hope I’ve inspired you to make one too!

Happy Crafting!

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Celebration of Burlap

Chalkboard paint and burlap tops!

 Seashells from the beach in Florida!

Burlap pillow with jewelry pendants pins!

Burlap runner!

 I love the ruffle, brown ribbon, and flower!

 Burlap frame made with paper cutouts!

Burlap and stencil turned into a memo board!

 Large coffee can received a makeover with burlap!

Woodworkers transfer tool makes canvas art!

 Burlap coffee bag gets framed!

 New patterned burlap turns into a 
memo board!

A candle, burlap remnant, and a charm!

Burlap dresses up a cork stopper!

Patterned burlap for my antique bench!

 Candles get a makeover with burlap!

A year of burlap love!