Zebra in The House!

was selling this fabulous rug. I bought it as soon as I saw it.  Just for kicks I put it on my dining room table. It will either go in my office or my bedroom.

Thanks again Des!


Living Room Tranformation

Our English Tudor living room needed a makeover.
~ After ~

The paneling had to go or at least be covered up. Having wood floors, a paneled wall, and wood beams on the ceiling made the room seem dark. It also made the room feel uninviting. 

 The first thing we did was try and balance out the room with wood blinds. It helped but the room still felt not right. We decided we needed a more formal mantel and radiator covers.

(The wood blinds helped tie in the wood beams on the ceiling.)

 (Our new mantel made a wonderful difference to the look and feel of the room.)
It was looking better but I was still not happy with the results. The new radiators covers were so pretty but the radiators stood out and needed to blend in. I painted the radiators with Benjamin Moore tudor brown.

It was beginning to look so much prettier but still there was the paneling. I decided to cover over the paneling with Ready Patch Joint Compound. It was hard work since it’s like putting on peanut butter. I also had to make it look just like the rest of the room. My walls have an old world finish to them. Being an artist helped a lot with this process. You would never know the wall was not plastered over 100 years ago. It took me a long time to finish. 

When it finally dried I repaint the room with Benjamin Moore richmond bisque.

Now the wood beams on my ceiling match all the mahogany that I adore in the room.

Am I finished yet ……… no there is still more to come. 
I love adding to a room overtime.

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Please forgive me for not recently stopping by your blog. I’m still having issues with my tooth. The abscess tooth needs another round of antibiotics.  
Have you ever had a year of bad health? Ugh!


Island Fun ….. In My Dreams

~ cabana boys ~

I hada root canal about 5 years ago.  Little did I know I would need a secondone in the same tooth today. Last week I was getting strange headaches. Thenearly Saturday morning I woke up with pain on one side of my mouth. It feltlike I had lock jaw. The next day my face, head and ear hurt so badly. Threedoctors later I found out I had to have another root canal. 
Thedoctor left one of the canals open to drain. I was told to be careful eatingand only eat on the other side.  Since any kind of chewing hurts I thinkI’m going to lose my love handles in no time.  :-) Now if only I washeading to an island.  A girl can dream. :-)
I’llbe back in a few days. Talk to you soon,

Birds, Nest, and Eggs – Wood Tags – Tutorial

Tags look great on baskets.

Here I added a tag to a crown cloche.

The pictures tags are from:
Megan @ Lilac and Lavender

For this project I used my laser printer and thin plywood to make the tags. My husband was a sweetheart and cut the plywood for me. He also drilled a hole in the tags for the twine. I lightly sanded each tag.

You will want to make more than just one … trust me.

~ I made five tags ~

I used Elmer’s glue for this project. I put a thin layer of Elmer’s glue on the wood tags and added the pictures. You can put a picture on both sides it you like. When they dried I used my round nose pliers to poke through the paper opening up the small hole for the twine. You can use anything that will fit through the hole.

Then I sealed the wood tags with varnish.

Now I added the twine when the varnish dried.

The tags look great on cloches, crowns, wreaths, door knobs, pillows, baskets, lamps, candlesticks, cork boards, French bottle trees, and so much more.

~ Tag a lamp ~

~ on a pillow ~

~ Just have fun with them ~

Happy Tagging I mean Crafting!


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French Wine Charms – Made from Cork – Update Tutorial

A winery was selling cork wine charms. 
I had all the supplies on hand to make my own.

~ Ooh La La ~

French Stamps!

French “grenouille” all in fun! The frog stamp does not come with the set.

My uncle Jacques calls himself a French Frog.

While I was at the winery they had these red bottles.

It makes the wine stopper look extra special.
I did a post on how to make them. It’s on my sidebar.

I adore the color ‘RED’ in the winter months!

To make the wine charms you will need:
nontapered # 9 corks
earring hoops
jump rings
wood and silver beads
StazOn inkpad

To cut the corks I used a bandsaw. You could use a hacksaw. Then I used a belt sander to smooth the corks. A hand sander would work just as good. Drill a hole in the cork with a small drill bit.

You can buy the French stamps on my sidebar.

Happy Crafting!

XO, Dee