Mount Washington – New Hampshire

We made it to the top of Mount Washington by car. 

The day started out raining but cleared up to overcast. We were told we would not get to see much at the top due to the weather. The sun decided to come out and it turned out to be a gorgeous day!

I took this picture from inside our car. Not much of a road as you can see. It was quite narrow for two cars. It was a little scary at times.

There is a train you can take or you could always hike but this time we drove up.

The stairs take you to the top of the mountain after you park your car.

 This view was amazing!!!

Here my son is looking at the hikers remembering his own climb up the mountain.

Looking over the Appalachians.

It was August and boy did the weather change. On top of Mount Washington it became windy and cold. I went back to the car and got my coat. My husband was not kidding that I might need it. Good thing I brought it along.

It was 46 degrees and the wind chill 38. 
It was so windy on one side of the mountain. It was hard to catch your breath at times.

This side of the mountain was where all the wind was. 

Here I’m trying to block the wind.

I would have never thought I would be wearing my coat in August. Of course back at the base of the mountain it was 80 degrees. 
My kind of weather. :-)
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26 thoughts on “Mount Washington – New Hampshire

  1. When living in CT, never made it to top of Mt Washington – weather never cooperated when we were there.Knew several serious runners who did the Mt Washington run – they ran up the mountain then had to find their own way down – didn't matter that they were exhausted. I think yur way by car or the tram would be much better – especially to enjoy that simply striking scenery.

  2. Thank you for stopping by with your kind words. Your photos are just wonderful. I started going to Mt Washington in the mid seventies. Back then there was no buildings or large parking areas. Its amazing how things change. I have been there many times by car. A few times we didn't make the top because of the visability. Its an amazing place for sure. Thank you for sharing your photos.Hugs,Ellen

  3. Dee,Amazing shots you took! Took my breath away! I recall that ride all too well (many of times) I would NEVER do that now! LOL It IS scary but once you are up…well, the photos speak for themselves w/that! Glad you had such a special day!!! Happy belated birthday! xoRichelle

  4. Hi Dee, Mount Washington is gorgeous! I was very interested to hear about the change in temperature. Thanks so much for linking up to Travels Near And Far.Hugs, Beth

  5. Your pictures are awesome. I stayed at the Wayside Inn in Bethlehem a few years ago. That area is beautiful. We took the train.Love the pic with your son, that will become an heirloom. Hugs,

  6. Great photos. I'm afraid of heights so that would freak me out a bit, particularly with the wind so strong. Nice to meet you, I'm blog hopping from Katherine's Corner and learning so many new things about so many different places around the world.

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